Brookfield Zoo
8400 W. 31st Street
Brookfield, IL

If you haven’t been to the Brookfield Zoo, you’re missing out. So grab your kids, hop in the car, and head out for an afternoon of great fun! Everyone from toddlers to teens to those in the autumn of their years will love this wonderful hotspot just west of Chicago.

The outstanding Brookfield Zoo is home to animals representing more than 400 species! This magnificent collection inhabits nearly 20 naturalistic exhibits within the zoo’s 216 acres.

The Brookfield Zoo exhibits this collection for the enjoyment and education of the world. It is a leader in international conservation efforts and a conservation center for the local region. Its permanent exhibits include: Habitat Africa!, a five-acre savannah exhibit that highlights Africa’s diverse wildlife; The Swamp, featuring the wonders of wetlands, and The Living Coast, featuring Humboldt penguins, green sea turtles, amall sharks, vampire bats and free flying birds.

The whole family will love it! The Brookfield Zoo is so bid that it never seems to get crowded, especially out in the open air. Some of the animal houses will have lines, but they never take too long and there is plenty to see while you wait, so little legs won’t get too antsy. Drop by this fantastic zoo today. Enjoy!

Lincoln Park Zoo
Cannon Dr. at Fullerton Parkway (2400 north)
Chicago, IL

Pay lot at the zoo, and others in the area. “Chicago is home to the nation’s oldest free public zoo and one of the last free zoos in the country!

Visit the newly renovated Kovler Sea Lion Pool, a traditional meeting place for generations of zoo visitors and home to harbor seals and gray seals and California sea lions. Shop on the wild side at the Wild Things! retail store and enjoy the Big Cats Cafe, a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Kovler Lion House outdoor lion and tiger habitats.

There’s a children’s petting zoo, a recreation of a Midwest farm, plus “”Conservation Station,”” an interactive environmental learning center. Besides the price being right, this is an outstanding place for kids, and the second you step under the arching gate in front you’ll remember how much you love the zoo too.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is located on the lake-front bike trail in one of Chicago’s most popular parks. The Lincoln Park Conservatory is next door and is also free! AND, as if that weren’t enough, just north of the Zoo is the award-winning nature center.

Grab the family, hop in the car (or on the el or bus) and visit this great Chicago landmark!