Vernon Hills

The Village of Vernon Hills began as an outgrowth of a small 125-house subdivision built by developers Quinn Hogan and Barney Loeb. Incorporated on July 16, 1958, the Village grew from a few hundred residents to 5,600 during its first two decades. By 1980, the census reported a total of 9,827 people living in Vernon Hills. Today, Vernon Hills is home to 19,500 people.

The Village of Vernon Hills is a safe, aesthetically appealing, fiscally viable, family oriented community with excellent educational, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities fostering on a strong and diverse residential and business community.
Villa Park Barely twenty miles west of the famous Chicago Loop, the Village of Villa Park is one of DuPage County’s premier communities. DuPage is one of the fastest growing and wealthiest counties in the nation and Villa Park is an integral part of its success. Villa Park’s neighbors include Addison to the north, Lombard to the west, Oakbrook and Oakbrook Terrace to the south and Elmhurst on the east.

Vernon Hills History

“In 1851 this community began when two men, W.D. Coon and Theodore Mills, started a two hundred acre farm. Farmers were able to move their crops on the Soo Line Railroad in 1885 when railroad tracks were laid. Until the 1950’s the community remained agricultural. Then two developers Quinn Hogan and Barney Loeb bought land to build homes on a golf course. They built 24 houses and some apartment buildings and named their corporation Vernon Hills. In 1958 they incorporated with 123 residents. Shortly after, the Vernon Hills Country Club and a hotel were completed in 1960. Unfortunately, bankruptcy forced Hogan and Loeb to sell back to the original owner of the land, Gordon Clavey.

In 1970, Vernon Hills did not have enough businesses for the community with a population of 1,050. In 1971 developers approached the village with a shopping center proposal. Hawthorne Center was developed, and it produced enough tax revenues that it removed the burden of property tax from residents. Vernon Hills grew over the next decade. By 1980 population reached 9,827 and 20,120 in the year 2000.

Residential development was the focus from 1950-1980. Commercial buildings and businesses were the new focus in the 1980’s. Vernon Hills annexed the village of Half Day in 1994 after a battle with neighboring Lincolnshire. Annexations occurred almost every year in the 1990’s and because of this, Vernon Hills had expanded to eight square miles by the year 1998.”

Vernon Hills Trivia & Fun Facts

“Birthplace of College Basketball Player Bryan Piironen (Loyola Chi Ramblers)

Home of the Cuneo Museum. Originally built in 1914 by Samuel Insull, founder of the Commonwealth Edison Company. John Cuneo, Sr. purchased it in 1937 after the collapse of the Insull empire. The mansion remained the family home until his widow died in 1990. It is now an art museum. Scenes in the 1997 film My Best Friends Wedding staring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz were shot there.

Ancestries: German (19.2%), Irish (14.3%), Polish (10.3%), Italian (9.5%), English (6.6%), Russian (6.0%)”