Sterling & Rock Falls

Sterling and Rock Falls are sister cities nestled along the scenic Rock River, approximately 115 miles west of the Chicago Loop and 30 miles east of the Mississippi River. The Sterling-Rock Falls area is largely industrial with manufacturing employment over twice the national average. Once deemed the “Hardware Capital of the World, located in the heart of the nation’s breadbasket”, commercial growth over recent years has created a diversified industrial mix providing a solid economical base. These sister cities are also the center of a highly productive agricultural region in Northwestern Illinois, providing a balance between agriculture and industry that is a familiar sight in the Rock River Valley.

History and vision move these two cities forward in time while preserving the past. Sterling and Rock Falls were founded in the mid 1800’s and will continue to transform and grow into the next century and beyond. Through strong leadership and community involvement, these adjacent cities along the river provide the area residents and visitors modern medical facilities and technology, quality education, a wide variety of dining and entertainment including theater, music and the arts, beautiful parks and recreational facilities, and a multitude of festivals and fairs, all in a safe and comfortable hometown atmosphere influenced by historical life along the Rock River.