Our Site’s Cool Facts

12,000 Pages ChicagoRelo.com is comprised of over 12,000 web pages. An average of 7 are added every day!

900 Unique Visitors In 1 Day As of 30206, ChicagoRelo.com highest traffic day was July 23, 2005 with 3501 unique visitors in a 24 hour period.

ChicagoRelo.com is averaging about 900 visitors a day as of 3306.

ChicagoRelo.com Staff The ChicagoRelo.com staff is made up of 6 people, including programmers, editors, copywriters, dataentry specialists, and salespeople.

This staff is quickly growing to keep up with ChicagoRelo.com’s rapid, expansion.

XHTML & PHP ChicagoRelo.com is programmed using the XHTML & PHP computer programing languages.

ChicagoRelo.com runs on state of the art Web Servers using the Linux Operating System and running the Apache Web Server.

As of March 3, 2006, over 14,000 manhours of programming and research have gone into making ChicagoRelo.com the greatest Chicagofocused website in cyberspace!