Michael Jordan Trivia

29277 Michael scored 29,277 points with the Bulls. WOW!

3000 Jordan is one of only two players with 3,000+ points in a season; the other is Wilt Chamberlain.

Bad Hoof Jordan did not play 64 games in 198586 because he had a broken foot.

Before Jordan… Hakeem Olujawon and Sam Bowie were selected before Michael Jordan in the draft.

Big Six So far, Jordan has won six NBA Championships.

College Roommates Michael Jordan had three college roommates: Brad Daugherty, Walt Weiss, and Davis Love III.

Michael Jordan’s Shorts Michael Jordan always wears his North Carolina shorts under his Bulls uniform for luck.

Older Jordan Michael’s older brother Larry beat him regularly in 1on1 games when they were growing up.

Retired Numbers Two other Bulls besides MJ had their numbers retired: Bob Love and Jerry Sloan.

Retiring Before the 1993/94 season, Michael Jordan retired from basketball. Just prior to his retirement, his father had been murdered and rumors were circulating about Michael’s excessive gambling.

Rod Thorn Rod Thorn was the Bull’s executive who drafted Michael Jordan.

Terry Francona MJ’s “Birmingham Barons” baseball manager was Terry Francona.

Three Numbers Michael Jordan wore three numbers in the NBA: 12, 23, 45.

Washington Bullets Jordan faced the Washington Bullets in his NBA debut.