Lincoln Square

“Charmed” is the word that will come to mind as you stroll about Lincoln Square. This Continental concentration along Lincoln between Lawrence and Montrose is truly where the Old World meets the New.

Here you will step into more than just apothecaries and delicatessens; you will travel back to turn-of-the-century Europe and old-fashioned hospitality. The shopkeepers are friendly and the wares are divine: bath products you’ve only dreamed of, handmade toys, unique foods, and classic European designs.

South, past Leland, art deco is strictly de mode. A variety of stores sell vintage clothing and furniture fashioned to make Frank Lloyd Wright smack his lips. But don’t leave without passing through The Old Town School of Folk Music, offering classes in all varieties of sound making. With its comfortable halcyon atmosphere, Lincoln Square is a visit to style’s glorious past.


School Address Phone Grade
Budlong Elementary School 2701 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60625 (773) 534-2591 Elementary Schools
City of Chicago Vehicle Stickers

All Chicago residents driving, parking, leasing and/or owning a vehicle for which they are responsible in the City of Chicago are subject to the Chicago Wheel Tax and must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. This includes Chicago residents that maintain their registration outside of the City of Chicago, but use the vehicle in the City. We want motorists to avoid costly tickets: You must purchase a Chicago Vehicle Sticker within 30 days of residing in the City or acquiring a new vehicle to avoid late fees and fines.

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Residential Parking Permits

Chicago’s Residential Parking Permit program is designed to restrict parking on designated residential streets during specified hours, except for the residents of that street, guests of the residents or those who provide a service to the residents. This program helps to ensure that residents of densely populated areas have reasonable access to parking near their residences. Cars parked in violation of this ordinance are ticketed.

The City of Chicago does not mess around. The city has a dillignet parking patrol staff that will ticket you if you are in a spot where a permit you don’t have is required. All spots that require permits are marked with white street signs. Please look out for them!

For more information, contact the city clerk at 312-744-6861 or email We also recommend that you ask your Real Estate Agent, Leasing Agent, or Land Lord about parking permit requirements in your area.