Green Oaks

The Town Of Green Oaks, Illinois

In 1960 the “Village of Oak Grove” changed its name and founded Green Oaks with a modest population of 150 persons. The village is home to Lambs Farm, Oneac Corporation and Peter Baker & Sons.

Residents of Green Oaks, which is adjacent to Libertyville, can enjoy numerous activities at Lambs Farm, enjoy nature in Saddle Hill/Forest Glen Nature Trail and Libertyville Township Open Space District properties. Three elementary school districts serve Green Oaks. The Village lies mainly within Oak Grove District #68, with an enrollment of 756 students. High school students in the village attend Libertyville High School District #128, with an enrollment of 2,515 students. There are several parochial and private schools in the municipalities surrounding Green Oaks. Major highways, tollways and roadways providing access to the community are Interstate 94, IL Rte. 176, IL Rte. 137, St Mary’s Road and O’Plaine Rd.


School Address Phone Grade
Oak Grove School 1700 S. O’Plaine Rd, Green Oaks, IL 60048 847- 367-4120 Elementary Schools
Green Oaks History

“During the 1840’s Irish immigrants moved to the area east of the Des Plaines River, and known today as Green Oaks. At that time, land was still available for $1.25 an acre. In 1844 one of the first settlers, Thomas Madden, bought some land about three miles east of the river. In 1850, Madden donated property for a new school. It was named Madden School and it was used for many years. In 1919, the directors of the school realized that they needed a more modern school for their students. Oak Grove School opened on November 12, 1923, and it was the only school east of the river in Libertyville.

The Village of Oak Grove changed its name and founded Green Oaks in 1960. The population at that time was 150. Initially, zoning was prohibited to all but single family homes on lots that were between one and five acres. Population increased by 1,000% from 1960-1985 within the 12 square mile village. Lamb’s Farm was annexed by the village in 1989. This establishment was a nonprofit commercial attraction that serves adults with mental disabilities. Land remained residential on the west side of the toll road, but on the east side, Green Oaks began annexing land for industry. Businesses included a concrete plant and a recycling plant. With the area projecting to grow steadily over the next 20 years, controlling growth will continue to be a challenge in maintaining a high quality life in Green Oaks.”

Green Oaks Trivia & Fun Facts

“The historical tornado activity is slightly below Illinois state average, but it is 45% greater than the overall U.S. average.

Median house value is $406,000. (In the year 2000)

Ancestries in the area: German (31.3%), Irish (16.5%), Italian (10.7%), Polish (9.4%), English (8.9%), Swedish (7.0%)”

Important Information For Green Oaks:

Pet Licenses

Although no license is required by the village, dogs and cats are required to be licensed through the county. For licensee information contact the Animal Control department – 29278 N. Rt. 83 or phone number 949-9925.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers are required by the village and can be purchased at the Administrative Office.