The Town Of Glencoe, Illinois is your source for information on Glencoe. If your moving to Glencoe or just visiting, you will find all kinds of information on real estate, schools, areas, parks, churches, crime, things to do, places to visit, local businesses, dining, and much more!Glencoe started out as an experiment: it was to be the “perfect suburb.” Located 22 miles north of the Loop, Alexander Hammond, a retired physician and farmer, led the quest to create a village with parks, homes and streets following the natural and beautiful topography of the land.

It is hard to argue that the experiment wasn’t at least partly successful. The principles that shaped Glencoe are still evident today. Strict zoning helps to maintain the spaciousness of the community, which reminds one more of a forest preserve than a suburb of a major metropolitan area. The central business district is dotted with small boutiques, cafes and a variety of professional services, much like the suburbs to its north. It is shielded from many of urban life’s “less savory” aspects (expressways, for example) by forest preserves, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and dense growths of trees.

Glencoe is part of the Lake Michigan shoreline, and maintains a lovely beach, boating slips at the Wilmette Harbor, and two nature sanctuaries.


School Address Phone Grade
Glencoe South School 266 Linden Ave, Glencoe, IL 60022 (847) 835-5349 Elementary Schools
Glencoe West School 1010 Forestway Dr, Glencoe, IL 60022 (847) 835-5816 Elementary Schools
South School 266 Linden Ave, Glencoe, IL 60022 (847) 835-6400 Elementary Schools
West School 1010 Forestway Dr, Glencoe, IL 60022 (847) 835-6600 Elementary Schools
Glencoe Central School Glencoe Central School, Glencoe, IL 60022 (847) 835-7600 Middle Schools

Important Information For Glencoe:

Vehicle Registration

The Village of Glencoe requires all vehicles to be registered. Stickers must be affixed to cars by April 15 of each year.

Pet Licenses

The Village of Glencoe requires all dog and cats to be licensed. Forms are available at Village Hall or Public Safety.