The Town Of Elgin, Illinois

ChicagoRelo.com is your source for information on Elgin. If your moving to Elgin or just visiting, you will find all kinds of information on real estate, schools, areas, parks, churches, crime, things to do, places to visit, local businesses, dining, and much more!Built upon pillars of character and tradition, Elgin ranks as one of Illinois’ premier cities. Its civic and business leaders are committed to maintaining the highest standards for this proud community. A multitude of diverse industries drives the city’s economy, promoting continuous growth and expansion. The downtown business district thrives on the energy and excitement created by its strategic restoration.

Even though it is only 38 miles from Chicago’s Loop, Elgin’s unique cultural identity sets it apart. Residents are rewarded with a high quality of life and a lifetime of memorable experiences. Excellent school systems ensure continued growth for future generations. Community hospitals provide the highest level of health and wellness care. Recreation opportunities abound at neighborhood parks and nearby forest preserves. Retail shopping is plentiful, varied and convenient.

Given its ideal location and transportation assets, Elgin seems to have been designed specifically for business. Interstate 90 skirts the city’s north side where three full interchanges provide quick and easy access to the Chicago metropolitan market’s expressway system, and to markets in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Randall Road and US 20, Illinois 25, 31, 19 and 58 connect the city to the length and breadth of the Fox Valley and to the entire northwest suburban area.


School Address Phone Grade
Century Oaks Elementary School 1235 Braeburn Dr, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5180 Elementary Schools
Channing Memorial Elem School 63 S Channing St, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5185 Elementary Schools
Coleman Elementary School 1220 Dundee Ave, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5190 Elementary Schools
Creekside Elementary School 655 N Airlite St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 289-6270 Elementary Schools
Garfield Elementary School 420 May St, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5192 Elementary Schools
Gifford Elementary School 240 S Clifton Ave, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5195 Elementary Schools
Grant Elementary School 265 N Jackson St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5199 Elementary Schools
Highland School 190 N Melrose Ave, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5280 Elementary Schools
Hillcrest Elementary School 80 N Airlite St, Elgin , IL 60123 60123 Elementary Schools
Huff Elementary School 801 Hastings St, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5285 Elementary Schools
Illinois Park Elementary Schl 1350 Wing St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5288 Elementary Schools
Lowrie Elementary School 264 Oak St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5260 Elementary Schools
Mc Kinley Elementary School 258 Lovell St, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5262 Elementary Schools
Prairie View Grade School 10n603 Nesler Rd, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 464-6014 Elementary Schools
Sheridan Elementary School 510 Franklin Blvd, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5266 Elementary Schools
Washington Elementary School 819 W Chicago St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5270 Elementary Schools
Elgin High School 1200 Maroon Dr, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5100 High Schools
Larkin High School 1475 Larkin Ave, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5200 High Schools
Abbott Junior High School 949 Van St, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5160 Middle Schools
Chicago Junior School 1600 Dundee Ave, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-7920 Middle Schools
Ellis Junior High School 225 S Liberty St, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5150 Middle Schools
Kimball Middle School Kimball Middle School, Elgin , IL 60123 (847) 888-5290 Middle Schools
Larsen Middle School 665 Dundee Ave, Elgin , IL 60120 (847) 888-5250 Middle Schools

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