Chicago Bulls Trivia

152 Points
In 1975 the Chicago Bulls scored thier highest point total in a single game – 152 – only to lose every single game they played in November of the next year.

4.3 Points per Game
As a freshman at the University of Central Arkansas, Scottie Pippen averaged 4.3 points per game.

Assassination in Beirut
Steve Kerr’s father, Malcolm, President of American University in Beirut, was assassinated when Steve was a college freshman.

Bankruptcy for Rodman?
Before being traded to the Bulls, Dennis Rodman was on the verge of filing bankruptcy.

Before Jordan…
Hakeem Olujawon and Sam Bowie were selected before Michael Jordan in the draft.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams turned down a $1 million dollar offer from Utah to play for $27,000 for the Bulls.

First Australian
Luc Longley was the first Australian to play in the NBA.

Michael Jordan’s Shorts
Michael Jordan always wears his North Carolina shorts under his Bulls uniform for luck.

The music for the Bulls introduction is “Sirius” by Alan Parsons Project.

Older Jordan
Michael’s older brother Larry beat him regularly in 1-on-1 games when they were growing up.

The 5 Bulls who have played on Olympic teams are: MJ and Scottie (US), Bill Wennington (Canada), Luc Longley (Australia) and Toni Kukoc (Yugoslavia and Croatia).

Pippen in Seattle?
Scottie Pippen was drafted by Seattle, but was obtained by the Bulls for Olden Polynice, the Bulls’ draft choice that year.

Ron Harper
Ron Harper was primarily known as an offensive player when he was drafted; his rookie year he led the NBA in turnovers.

Table Tennis
Toni Kukoc was an age-group Croation table-tennis champion when he was 14.

The Bulls in 1966
The Chicago Bulls began their first season in 1966.

The Platters
Brian Williams father was a singer with “The Platters.”

Toni Kukoc
Toni Kukoc was a 3 time Player of the Year in Europe.

U of A Players
Three ’96-97 Bulls came from the University of Arizona: Steve Kerr (’88), Jud Buechler (’90), and Brian Williams (’91).