The Town Of Carpentersville, Illinois is your source for information on Carpentersville. If your moving to Carpentersville or just visiting, you will find all kinds of information on real estate, schools, areas, parks, churches, crime, things to do, places to visit, local businesses, dining, and much more!The Village of Carpentersville is located in the heart of the picturesque Fox River Valley in Kane County, Illinois, a short 35 miles northwest of the City of Chicago. First settled in 1837, the Village of Carpentersville had maintained a generally rural atmosphere until the late 1950s. Then the population began to grow, and grew more than fifteen-fold as part of the suburban flight and the search for an affordable and safe place to raise families, to over 24,000 by 1970. Although this growth slowed during the 1970s and 1980s, an 1,100 acre annexation in late 1992 spurred another round of development activity. For the past six years, the Village has issued an average of 400 building permits each year. The current population is estimated at 28,000. This ranks Carpentersville as the third largest community in Kane County. The community is diverse in all respects-culturally, economically and ethnically.


School Address Phone Grade
Golfview Elementary School 124 Golfview Ln, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1250 Elementary Schools
Lakewood Elementary School 16 Ravine Ln, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-428-1191 Elementary Schools
Meadowdale Elementary School 14 Ash St, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1475 Elementary Schools
Parkview Elementary School 122 Carpenter Blvd, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1260 Elementary Schools
Perry Elementary School 251 Amarillo Dr, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1440 Elementary Schools
Sunny Hill School 2500 Helm Road, Carpentersville, IL 60010 847- 426-7232 Elementary Schools
Woodland Elementary School 770 Navajo Drive, Carpentersville, IL 60010 847-426-7232 Elementary Schools
Dundee-Crown High School 1500 Kings Rd, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1415 High Schools
Carpentersville Middle School 100 Cleveland Ave, Carpentersville, IL 60110 847-426-1380 Middle Schools
Carpentersville History

“As a family from New England made their way west to settle in the Rock River area in 1837, their journey was halted by a flooded Fox River. Charles V. Carpenter, his brother, Daniel C. Carpenter, his wife and his son, decided to settle in the beautiful Fox River Valley. They saw the potential in its rich farmland and named the area Carpenter’s Grove.

With the river providing power for the machinery, a thriving logging industry was born. The Carpenters stayed in the valley and built their first farmhouse in the north section of town on the east bank of the Fox River.

In 1840 Charles Carpenter’s brother, Joseph, also settled on this land. Other family members, namely Angelo Carpenter, Charles’ nephew, became the sole owner of a carding mill and cloth-dressing mill. In 1851 Angelo platted and surveyed the village and changed the name to Carpentersville. He also built a bridge at his own expense. The bridge was necessary for the people living or working on each side of the river.

George Marshall opened a shop in 1853 that manufactured and repaired reapers. By 1864 he had two partners, and a stock company was formed and incorporated, later becoming the Illinois Iron & Bolt Company.

During the years of 1855 through 1871, Angelo Carpenter accomplished many things. A two-story school was built along with a planning mill, post office, and the Valley Woolen Mills. in 1868 he founded Star Manufacturing. He also controlled and limited the sale of liquor within the village limits. The Carpenter familiy never sold a piece of land without a clause in the contract that forbade the sale of liquor.”

Carpentersville Trivia & Fun Facts

“The largest fire during the early days in Carpentersville occurred at the Carpentersville Grade School on February 12, 1917. A railroad worker who was near the Borden Milk Factory, noticed smoke coming from South Washington Street. He began blowing his whistle to attract attention. The extremely cold temperatures and strong winds hampered firefighting efforts. Water lines froze, so the hose was laid from the Illinois Iron & Bolt Company to the fire. The fire caused extensive fire and heat damage, and the school was eventually rebuilt and still stands today as the Larkin Home for Children.

It has been reported that five ghosts reside in what is currently the Instant Replay Sports Bar near Route 25. One of the ghosts is a cook who was killed in the late 1980’s by a jealous husband.”