Buffalo Grove

The Town Of Buffalo Grove, Illinois

ChicagoRelo.com is your source for information on Buffalo Grove. If your moving to Buffalo Grove or just visiting, you will find all kinds of information on real estate, schools, areas, parks, churches, crime, things to do, places to visit, local businesses, dining, and much more!The Village of Buffalo Grove is located 35 miles northwest of downtown Chicago and overlaps Cook and Lake Counties. Buffalo Grove has been one of the fastest growing communities in the Northwest suburbs since its incorporation in 1958.

As it has throughout its history, the Village will continue to meet the challenges associated with growth through sound management and planning. A community of tree lined streets and well maintained homes, of neighbors and neighborhoods, Buffalo Grove provides both the amenities of a country atmosphere and the convenient access to the cultural, entertainment, and business centers of Chicago. Buffalo Grove was included as one of “Fifty Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family” in a nationally published book by that title.

Buffalo Grove Schools

School Address Phone Grade
Aptakisic-Tripp Schl Dist 102 1231 Weiland Rd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-634-1358 Elementary Schools
Buffalo Grove Public Schools 850 Highland Grove Dr Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-215-4815 Elementary Schools
Earl Pritchett School 200 Horatio Blvd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-520-0870 Elementary Schools
Henry W Longfellow Elementary 501 S Arlington Heights Rd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 Elementary Schools
Ivy Hall Elementary School 1072 Ivy Hall Road Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-459-0022 Elementary Schools
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School 655 Golfview Ter Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-520-2760 Elementary Schools
Kildeer Countryside Dist 96 1050 Ivy Hall Ln Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-459-4260 Elementary Schools
Prairie Elementary School 1530 Brandywyn Ln Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-634-3144 Elementary Schools
Pritchett Elementary School 200 Horatio Blvd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-353-5700 Elementary Schools
Tripp Elementary School 850 Highland Grove Dr Buffalo Grove IL 60089 947-634-3580 Elementary Schools
Willow Grove Elementary School 777 Checker Drive Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-541-3660 Elementary Schools
Buffalo Grove High School 1100 W Dundee Rd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-718-4000 High Schools
Aptakisic Junior High School 1231 Weiland Rd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-634-5300 Middle Schools
Cooper Middle School 1050 Plum Grove Cir Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-520-2750 Middle Schools
Meridian Middle School 2195 Brandywyn Ln Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-634-1050 Middle Schools
Twin Groves Middle School 2600 N. Buffalo Grove Rd Buffalo Grove IL 60089 847-821-8946 Middle Schools
Buffalo Grove History

“The first pioneers to come to the Buffalo Grove area came from New England around 1834. Many of them had received land grants from the government, and came to settle on their frontier property.

In the 1840s many of the first homesteaders and land speculators sold their land to the German immigrants fleeing their homeland. Living conditions in Germany were bad, so the cheap yet fertile land in America was very appealing.

German Catholics mainly settled together in the Buffalo Grove area, German Lutherans decided to live in Long Grove, and German Presbyterians moved to Wheeling.

Who were the first settlers in Buffalo Grove? It is hard to tell. Many families sent one person ahead to see if Buffalo Grove was a good place to live, and if they thought it was, the rest of the family would follow. Some say that John Simon Henneman came in 1846 and sent word to family and friends in Germany for them to come to Buffalo Grove. Jacob Weidner, who was known as Little Jake, was 27 years old when he came to Buffalo Grove to scout out the areafor his family. Little Jake liked the land so much that he asked his father, his five brothers, his uncle and their families to come live in Buffalo Grove.

Melchoir Raupp was the settler who had the longest journey before ending up in Buffalo Grove. He first came to Buffalo Grove in 1847, but he was not able to buy the farm he wanted. Next, he traveled to Wisconsin to see if he would like it there. He thought the farmland looked good, but he also thought there were not enough people, and it would be too lonely to live there. Melchior then headed west on a wagon train after hearing about the gold in California. The few nuggets that Melchoir found did not make him rich, in fact, he had to walk back to Buffalo Grove! When he got back, the farm he wanted was for sale, so he bought it, and sent for the rest of his family.

These first Buffalo Grove settlers formed a very close community with many of their sons and daughters marrying each other. Religion and education were two of the most important aspects of their new community. At first, both church services and school lessons were held in pioneers homes, but soon they realized a separate church and school would be good for the community.

The settlers built the first St. Mary’s Church in 1852 and the first St. Mary’s School in 1855. By 1899, downtown Buffalo Grove had grown with the addition of the Firnbach Tavern and the Weidner General Store.

Even though most of the pioneer families in Buffalo Grove are gone now, you can still remember their names, because many streets and parks are named after the families who originally settled in that area.”

Buffalo Grove Trivia & Fun Facts

“Median household income in Buffalo Grove is significantly above state average.

Median house value in Buffalo Grove is significantly above state average.

Unemployed percentage in Buffalo Grove is significantly below state average.

For population 25 years and over in Buffalo Grove:
High school or higher: 95.3%
Bachelor’s degree or higher: 55.9%
Graduate or professional degree: 20.5%”

Important Information For Buffalo Grove:

Real Estate Transfer Tax
Buffalo Grove imposed a tax on the transfer of real estate on November 4, 1991 by Ordinance 91-89. The effective date of the Ordinance was March 1, 1992 and applies to all transfers of real estate recorded or registered on and after that date. The amount of the tax is $3.00 per $1,000. Transfer stamps will be available at the Village of Buffalo Grove Village Hall.

Buffalo Grove Requires Village Stickers
Each car registered through the Secretary of State to a Buffalo Grove address is required to obtain a village sticker. For new residents the Village gives a 30-day grace period. Village stickers can be purchased at Buffalo Grove Village Hall.

Pet Licenses
For cats and dogs 4 months of age or over, residents must obtain a license within ten days of acquiring the pet, or becoming a resident of the Village. The cost of the tag is $10 and no dog or cat will be licensed without proof that the animal is inoculated against rabies. The tags run the Village’s fiscal year, which is April 30th of the present year to May 30th of the following year.