Bowling Alleys

Diversey River Bowl, Inc.

2211 W. Diversey
Chicago IL

(773) 227-5800

“It’s difficult to have a bad time at Diversy River-Bowl. There’s something inherently silly about bowling to the feel-good tunes of the 80s and 90s (99 Red Balloons, anyone?) that makes it hard to take yourself too seriously. That attitude is contagious. Diversy River-Bowl is one of the few places where you can find middle and high-school students alongside 20-somethings and bowling leaguers old enough to be their parents. And why not? Besides the bowling, Diversy River Bowl offers a full bar, inexpensive grilled food, and – during later hours – glow-in-the-dark bowling, affectionately named “”Rock n’ Bowl.”” You can’t beat that! Give it a try.

All this fun comes at a price; it fills up fast especially on weekends, and is loud, bright and full of energy. This is not a place for quiet conversations. Also if you’re looking to leave the family behind, this may not be the place for you. The family-friendly atmosphere ensures that herds of children will be present.” 21 Bowling Alleys

Lucky Strike

2747 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago IL

(773) 549-2695

“Feel like something new? Bolwling? Maybe a little pool? Lucky Strike is a great place to go with a group of friends if you want something relatively low key – no dancing on the bar here, but its still always a really good time. You can get food, drinks, and recreation all in one spot, and its big enough to accomodate big groups of folk!

This bar/pool room/lounge is home to EIGHT bowling lanes, six or seven regulation-size pool tables, a dining room, seven television screens, and a few video games. Note to the Ladies: there are plenty of men to be found here.

Yuppie phobes beware. Lucky’s tends to attract those of the J.Crew/Land’s End variety. Many of the conversation heard center around work and weekend boating (summer) and ski (winter) trips. Shouldn’t there be livelier conversations during “”off hours?”” Still, it isn’t as bad as any of the bars a little farther south on Lincoln, that’s for sure.

This place is a beer drinker’s heaven. With 30 beers on tap and 40 bottled brands, you can sample all night. If beer isn’t your thing, no need to worry. Lucky’s bartenders can mix up anything you desire. Another nice thing about the Lucky Strike is that it rarely gets jam-packed. You may have to wander over to the “”dining room”” adjacent to the bar, or out to the tables on the sidewalk, but that’s AOK; a waitress will take care of you lickety-split.” 21 Bowling Alleys

Marigold Bowl

828 W. Grace
Chicago IL 60657

(773) 935-8183

One of the last of the old time bowling alleys. No, they don’t have pin boys but you are required to pencil in your own score on an actual score sheet and that’s archaic enough for the 21st century. This Wrigleyville landmark is a favorite hangout for the surrounding neighborhoods, college students and league bowlers as well (three different bowling leagues call the Marigold their home). They have 32 lanes at your disposal as well as an assortment of cheap domestic beer, and no bowling alley would be complete without an arcade and a lounge (you’ll even find some beers in pin-shaped bottles…). You can plug quarters into various nonbowling related video games and do as many of the locals do and frequent the Marigold’s bar room. Whether you plan on bowling that particular night or not, the lounge is a comfortable place to hang out, have a drink, and maybe sing a little karoake. 21 Bowling Alleys

North Center Bowl & Billiards

4017 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago IL

(773) 549-2360

This is an authentic dive, its a North Side neighborhood pool hall/bowling alley. Chicago Magazine calls it “the kind of place your mother warned about,” though I wouldn’t let that worry you too much, especially the way N. Lincoln Ave. has been gentrifying lately. Give it a shot. 21 Bowling Alleys

Southport Lanes & Billiards

3325 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago IL

(773) 472-6600

“Feel like bowling a few frames without being stuck out in the middle of nowhere? Head to Southport Lanes! Besides the bowling, it has billiards, food, and a great atmosphere. Its in a great neighborhood with plenty of other options, should you get “”bowled out”” and the crowd there is generally the pleasant 20-20 somethings that the Southport Avenue neighborhood is known for.

The bar, decent jukebox, pool room, and full menu would still bring in plenty of traffic at the busy location, even without the bowling. With only four lanes, be prepared to wait your turn. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to pass the time at the bar. The menu offers bar food, but as a waitress claims, “it’s good bar food,” consisting of burgers, sandwiches (try their specialty: a turkey sandwich called the Honeymooner) salads and soup. A wide selection of imports and bottled beers also hit the spot. Southport Ave. is usually a pretty good place to people-watch, especially as the night wears on, so fear not if you can’t get into ten frames as soon as you walk in the door. And, if you hate it there, you have only to walk about 100 feet in any direction to find another watering hole. Enjoy!” 21 Bowling Alleys

Turner Bowl

6625 West Belmont
Chicago IL

(773) 637-6654

Candlelight bowling available for special events. Call for details. 21 Bowling Alleys