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Chicago White Sox Trivia
$167 Million
The new Comiskey Park was built in May of 1989, costing $167 million.
11 Elevators
Comiskey Park is equipped with 12 escalators and 11 elevators.
39th Street Grounds
The first home of the Chicago White Sox was located at 39th Street and Princeton, four blocks south of the present Comiskey Park. The 39th Street Grounds served as the playing field of the Chicago Wanderers cricket team during the 1893 World's Fair. Charles Comiskey built a wooden grandstand on the site in 1900. The capacity of the tiny grandstand never exceeded 7,500. It served as the home of the White Sox until June 27, 1910 when the club vacated the park for Comiskey Park at 35th Street and Shields. The grounds were leased to John Schorling, a South Side saloon keeper who owned the American Giants Negro League team. The park served as the home of Chicago's Negro League teams until the park was demolished in the late 1940s to make way for a public housing project.
Fans can seek autographs on the outfield side of both dugouts from the time gates open until 45 minutes prior to the start of the game.
Charles A. Comiskey
In 1900 Charles A. Comiskey moved his baseball team to Chicago, borrowed the name of a then-defunct team, and the Chicago White Sox were born.

The Comiskey family would control the White Sox for more than half a century. Go Sox!
Check Your Pet!
Located in center field at Gate 7 of Comiskey Park, guests may check their pets during the game (based on availability) for a minimal fee. Fees collected are donated to Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that trains service animals.
Children's Entry
Children taller than the turnstile arm are required to have a game ticket. Any child who enters without a ticket must share a seat with an accompanying adult.
Children's ID Bracelets
Children's ID bracelets, which can be marked with seat locations to prevent lost children, are available at the Guest Relations Booths at Comiskey Park. What a great idea!
Concrete Behemoth
Comiskey Park was built with 1,300,000 square feet of pre-poured forms, and 52,000 tons of rebar steel!

First Subway Series
The first "Subway" World Series occurred in Chicago in 1906, between the White Sox and Cubs.

The Cubs were favored, but the White Sox won in six games.
Five Levels
Comiskey Park is equipped with FIVE levels (main, club, two suites and upper deck)!
Friend of the Fans
Bill Veeck, two-time owner of the Chicago White Sox, once said:

"My friends are the fans, not the owners. Dignity isn't my suit of clothes."
Garbage Compactors
Comiskey Park was built with three garbage compactors that handle 54 cubic yards of garbage per game day.
Highest Career Batting Average
Who has the highest career batting average in White Sox history?

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson had a career average of .340 with the Sox.
July 1, 1910
On July 1, 1910 the Chicago White Sox played their first game in Comiskey Park, one of only three steel and concrete stadiums in the country. The others were all made of wood.

They lost to the St. Louis Browns, 2-0.
Comiskey Park is equipped with a Sony JumboTron screen which is 37 feet wide and 26 feet tall.
New Comiskey Park
The new Comiskey Park opened on April 18, 1991, three years after the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation to build the park directly across the street from old Comiskey Park. A ground-breaking ceremony was held on May 7, 1989, with Mayor Richard M. Daley and Governor James Thompson in attendance. The new park features an exploding scoreboard, an old-time facade complete with arches and over 40,000 unobstructed-view seats. New Comiskey Park attracted a club-record 2,934,154 fans in its first year.
Old Comiskey Park
After nine years in the South Side Grounds, Charles Comiskey started construction on his new "Baseball Palace of the World" at the corner of 35th Street and Shields Avenue. White Sox Park opened on July 1, 1910, but soon became known as Comiskey Park. The new park was designed by architect Zachary Taylor Davis with help from Comiskey and pitcher Ed Walsh. Comiskey Park featured spacious dimensions (362 feet down each line and 420 feet to straight-away center field). Before the 1927 season, the park was enclosed by a double-decked outfield grandstand. On August 14, 1939, the first night game in Chicago was played at Comiskey Park, with the Sox defeating the St. Louis Browns, 5-2. The first large center field scoreboard was built in 1950 and lasted until replaced by Bill Veeck's exploding version in 1960. In 1982, a new scoreboard, complete with color video board, was constructed along with new Golden Box seats, dugouts and a level of luxury sky suites. The White Sox played their final campaign at old Comiskey Park in 1990. The festive final weekend of the old stadium was capped by a 2-1 Sox victory over the Seattle Mariners in the final game on September 30, 1990.

Old Dirt
The infield at Comiskey Park consists of dirt transported from the original park.
Rain Room
Comiskey Park is equipped with a rain room (inspired by old Comiskey Park's outfield shower) to keep fans cool on hot days. Great idea!
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